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What are the precautions for the selection of capacitance?

by:Shenmao     2020-12-04
What are the precautions for the selection of
capacitor? Upon confirmation of use and installation environment, as according to the product sample design specifications under rated performance within the scope of use of capacitor, use should be avoided in the following cases. 1, high temperature ( More than the highest use temperature) ; 2, over current, Current exceeds the rated ripple current) , imposed after the rating of the ripple current, will cause the capacitor body overheating, capacity drops, shorten the life; 3, over voltage, The voltage more than rated voltage) , when the capacitor on the voltage is higher than the rated working voltage, the capacitor leakage current will rise, its electricity oxygen content will be degradation in the short term until damage; 4, applying a reverse voltage or voltage, when the dc aluminum electrolytic capacitor according to the reverse polarity connection electric circuit, the capacitor will lead to electronic short circuit, the resulting current will cause damage of capacitor. If in the circuit may be negative lead anode voltage, choose non-polar capacitor; 5, used in repeated rapid charge and discharge circuit, such as rapid charging purposes, its service life may decrease because of capacity, rapid temperature rising and declining; 6, in direct contact with the water, brine, oil phase or condensation environment, full of harmful gases ( Sulfide, ammonia, etc. ) , direct sunlight, ozone, ultraviolet radiation and radioactive material environment, vibration and shock conditions than the sample and specification range of bad environment, it is prohibited to use capacitor; G, capacitor installation, capacitor explosion-proof valve with space above, above the valve to avoid blasting around the wiring, installation and other components, capacitors and printed circuit board to avoid installation of heating element.
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