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What are the precautions to avoid damage of patch capacitance

by:Shenmao     2020-10-02
Patch capacitance material belongs to high density, hard, fragile and grinding, belong to the multilayer chip ceramic capacitor, we all know that ceramic is very brittle and easily broken, patch capacitance are easy to damage during the transport and use, crack of patch capacitance, high temperature, bending break reason also can make patch capacitor is damaged, such as the following ShenMao electronic to explain matters needing attention. Need to pay attention to during the process of transport and use patch capacitance ceramic is a kind of brittle material. If the PCB board is bending, it will be affected by a certain impact to mechanical stress. In handling use process should pay attention to the following aspects: 1, the circuit board assembly is completed in the transport process of medium plate and plate spacing between soft protective cushion is adopted to improve the protection ( Sponges, pearl cotton, cardboard, etc. ) ; 2, circuit board to do in the process of using light to take light put, avoid rough operations produce collision; 3, circuit boards should be used in the soft protective mat placed or plug-in placed, don't stack placed; 4, to choose the right means of distributing boards, prevent deformation of PCB is not controlled. Here today, judge patch capacitance when damage is need to pay attention to mechanical damage or electrical damage, check the patch capacitor with and without cracks, presence of breakdown voltage, etc. , can use the electronic measuring instrument were measured.
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