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What are the specifications of electrolytic capacitors? Are there many types?

by:Shenmao     2021-04-24
There are many specifications of electrolytic capacitors, which can basically meet the electricity demand of all scenarios. For household appliances, generally small specifications are enough, but larger ones are needed for commercial use. Today, let’s take a look at the issues related to electrolytic capacitor specifications.   1. Electrolytic capacitors vary in size.  In order to meet different electricity demand, the electrolytic capacitor specifications are also different in size. When consumers choose, they can choose according to their own applicable specifications. There is no need to worry about waste when choosing a big one, and choosing a small one will not be effective.  Second, it is not that the larger the capacitance, the better.   Many people have a misunderstanding about electrolytic capacitors, that is, the larger the capacitance, the better. This is not the case. When the electric capacity is relatively large, the heat dissipation will be slower, and the potential safety hazard is still quite high. Moreover, the larger the capacitance, the larger the specification of the electrolytic capacitor, and the lower the resonance frequency of the capacitor, which means that the current that it can actually transmit is also relatively small. Therefore, in actual applications, large capacity should not be used as a measure of good or bad.   3. The parallel connection of capacitors has nothing to do with the quality of the capacitors.   For a capacitor, its temperature resistance and voltage resistance, as well as the value of capacity, are important parameter values u200bu200brelated to the quality of the capacitor. Many people are accustomed to connecting multiple small capacitors in parallel during use, and the electrolytic capacitor specifications have therefore become larger. In fact, this method does not necessarily have a better effect. But what has to be said is that when there are more capacitors in parallel, the capacity will be relatively large, and the equivalent resistance will be relatively small. The effect will be better in theory, but the specifics will depend on the actual situation.   The above is about the introduction of electrolytic capacitor specifications. Enterprises in need can also conduct detailed consultation and understanding.
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