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What capacitor is the best? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-21
As the saying goes, Wen has no first and Wu has no second. In other words, everything and objects can be compared. So what capacitor is the best? Because this topic involves a large area, and from some perspectives, there is no way to divide a specific and good definition standard. We compare the model series of capacitors, such as metal film capacitors and aluminum electrolytic capacitors. These two types of capacitors are superior in terms of performance. However, the market share of aluminum electrolytic capacitors is much higher than that of metal film capacitors. Capacitors have a high occupancy rate. Although the performance of metal film capacitors is good, the popularity of applications is not wider than that of electrolytic capacitors. From this point of view, does aluminum electrolytic capacitors mean better than metal film capacitors? Looking at this issue from another angle, the performance of chip capacitors is better than that of metal film capacitors, but the popular application of chip capacitors is not as wide as that of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Therefore, when comparing from different angles, the capacitors have a good meaning. Different. What capacitor is the best? Suppose that a certain metal film capacitor is recognized as the best capacitor today, but it does not show at all in terms of use. The use environment of the capacitor depends on the circuit board of the electronic device and the design of the circuit board. The capacity and withstand voltage that the capacitor should be suitable for, the service life and the temperature resistance determine the type of capacitor used, the performance determines the material used for the capacitor, which is recognized as the best capacitor, basically cannot meet the above-mentioned conditions. If it is said that the capacitor brand is the best, it is actually not worthy of further discussion. The technical industry has specializations, and the capacitor industry is also the same. Manufacturers that produce metal film capacitors may not necessarily produce electrolytic capacitors, and those who can produce electrolytic capacitors may not necessarily SMD capacitors will be produced. It is not objective to compare capacitor brands in various subdivisions. The best capacitors are still of guaranteed quality, suitable for your own circuit boards, timely delivery, fair prices, after-sales and pre-sales services, as long as these conditions are met, these are the best capacitors, otherwise they will be discussed. In a good capacitor, in a good capacitor company, it is just empty talk that is not suitable for your company.
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