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What does capacitor matching mean? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-01
The capacitor matching does not refer to the special combination of the capacitor itself, but when selecting other materials, a certain other raw material is specified for installation and use, so it is called a matching, and the capacitor matching means that a certain kind of raw material is required for the specified type. Capacitors, or the capacitors of this type need to choose the specified supporting materials, so why is there such a statement that the capacitors are matched? Because of the long-term cooperation of capacitor matching, good ones are not as good as familiar ones. This is the general style of the production industry. Using new ones means that there are new risks, while the basic risks of using old materials are very low. Suppliers who have cooperated for a long time, and the circuit board in the product is definitely not only one raw material that has been used for a long time, there must be other raw materials that have been used, and over time, the purchase intention of the manufacturer will have a sense of dependence. To buy this capacitor, you must use it with a certain type of other raw materials to be stable. Similarly, when using other raw materials, the first consideration is also the capacitor that has been used together before. This is a common capacitor package. There is also a purely unfamiliar understanding of how to match electronic components and materials. This is not impossible. For example, the technical department of a relatively new manufacturer may be unfamiliar with the procurement of components, so the full name is entrusted to a certain supplier manufacturer. Let this supplier manufacturer help purchase other electronic components and materials needed, or if the purchasing staff wants to save time, they will also entrust the supplier to help with other components and materials. This model is also relatively common, and it is also A model that the supplier does not like. Although it is entrusted to the other party, it will not actually be authorized. In this case, it will become a part-time job for the customer. After all, it takes time and cost to help with other components. This kind of capacitor matching is also common. The last one is the less common package, which is the foreign trade import package. This procedure is very complicated, although it can save a certain cost. For example, the domestic agent purchases imported capacitors and then requires other imported raw materials at the same time. Wait, this kind of more difficult problem is nothing but formalities. At the same time, this agent also plays the role of a middleman. This type of capacitor matching is relatively uncommon.
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