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What does the bushing of a capacitor mean? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-09
The bushing of a capacitor can be understood as a sheath that matches the capacitor. Generally, a bushing is required for the production of capacitors, which are usually used for electrolytic capacitors. Like metal membranes, they are usually formed by a powder bag. The bushing has existing The significance of his existence, this article briefly introduces the role of the capacitor bushing. The first main reason for adding a bushing to a capacitor is to give it the function of marking. It is impossible for any type of capacitor to directly bypass the bushing and directly print on the capacitor. This poses a bad safety hazard to the capacitor itself. Increase the risk of capacitor breakdown, and the casing itself has been printed with a logo, and then processed on the capacitor, so that the capacitor will not cause any damage and the capacitor is also marked. The second reason for adding a bushing or outer skin to a capacitor is to achieve a better insulation effect. After all, the capacitor itself is a conductor. If it is installed on the circuit board, the current flows directly through the capacitor, which is extremely easy to be hit. If the capacitor is worn out, the capacitor will be damaged. The conduction of the capacitor is generally completed by the lead wire, so the capacitor with the bushing greatly improves the safety in terms of insulation.
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