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What does the capacitor model identification mean?|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-12
Conventional capacitors are generally printed with trademarks, capacity, withstand voltage, errors and models. The main purpose is to quickly distinguish the specifications of the capacitors for use. There are also some capacitors whose logos may not seem to be available. It's easy to understand, what do these poorly understood capacitor model identifications mean? 1. Capacitor model identification-operating temperature There are some capacitor model identifications printed with 40/105/21, these numbers refer to the operating temperature of the capacitor, like CBB60 /CBB61/CBB65A/ These larger capacitor models will clarify the temperature limit used on the capacitor label, such as 40/105/21, which means that the minimum temperature of minus 40° can be operated, and the maximum temperature resistance of 105° can be operated. The two data is the result of the 21-day relative humidity test. 2. Capacitor model identification-certification trademarks. This type of capacitor model is generally of safety type. Because there is a certain risk of use in electrical appliances, it is strongly required that capacitors that can be used only after certification by certain agencies, such as safety Y1/ Y2 capacitors, safety regulations X1/X2 capacitors and other capacitors will have printed certification trademarks. The trademarks here are not the brand trademarks of the merchants, but the trademarks of the certification body, such as China’s CQC certification, Germany’s VDE certification, and the United States. UL certification, EU's ENEC certification, South Korea's KC certification, etc., and are the certifications that can be checked on the corresponding platform. If you can't find it, you must be alert to whether it is a fake safety capacitor. 3. Capacitor model identification- NO PCB's has this type of capacitor printed. Most people would think that it does not support supporting PCB boards. In fact, it is not intuitive. It mainly means that this type of capacitor does not contain polychlorinated biphenyls, because it is strictly regulated. This material cannot be used to produce capacitors, so oil-immersed capacitor models such as CBB61/CBB65 will be marked, informing them that this dangerous raw material is not used in them. 4. Capacitor model identification-positive and negative poles are a more recognizable mark. Because electrolytic capacitor models and some individual capacitor models contain both positive and negative electrodes, it is necessary to clearly mark that the side of the capacitor is the positive electrode and the other is the negative electrode. The best difference is the length of the lead, the longer is the positive, and the short is It is the negative electrode, and the sleeve of the capacitor will be marked.
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