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What is a capacitor sample? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-04
Capacitor samples are similar to trial installations, only small quantities or small quantities are provided to users for use. After use, customers will decide whether to place an order for capacitor manufacturers. This is an approximate process of providing capacitor samples, so why Do you need proofing for capacitor procurement? Capacitors are industrial products, not fast-moving consumer goods. The environment they use is destined to be used cautiously. As long as they don’t use conventional materials, each capacitor needs a test sample, so test samples are required. Proofing is bound to be involved. There are only two common situations for proofing. The first is to provide samples of conventional products. This is the simplest. Generally, the factory has this capacitor in stock, and it can be directly provided to customers to test whether it is possible. In general, this situation is very conventional, and the chance of cooperation is also high. In a way, the capacitor manufacturer has very sufficient experience in producing this capacitor. The second case is very unconventional. It is a customized capacitor sample. This capacitor is really a hot potato. The reason is that no one can guarantee that after the development of this capacitor, how many times will the customer continue to purchase? Is there any other manufacturer that can accept this type of capacitor? In general, only manufacturers that require customization of this capacitor will continue to request this capacitor. Therefore, this customized type of capacitor sample is also called partial specification, capacitor production The manufacturer must arrange a team to open molds to customize the size, purchase customized materials, test and develop them, and then provide them to the user. Only if the user passes the test, the first cooperation will start. If the intermediate customer asks for capacitor samples from several capacitor manufacturers , Then this invisibly poses more risks to other capacitor manufacturers.
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