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What is a high-frequency capacitor?|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-22
First of all, an ideal capacitor has no distinction between low frequency and high frequency, but due to various practical factors, the capacitor will have different losses at different frequencies of use, so there are high-frequency chip capacitors or low-frequency capacitors. capacitance. To be precise, it is not the capacitor that produces high frequency or low frequency, but the high frequency or low frequency circuit that the capacitor is suitable for. The high-frequency capacitors we are familiar with in our daily life include CBB capacitors, mica capacitors, monolithic capacitors, ceramic capacitors, etc. The judgment of whether high-frequency or low-frequency capacitors is based on their materials and structures, and capacitors The capacity is not directly related. High-frequency capacitors are suitable for high-frequency filtering occasions, such as computer motherboards and switching power supplies. The characteristics of high-frequency capacitors: 1. The high-frequency capacitors are made of instant microwave dielectric materials with small temperature coefficient and excellent stability. The capacitance is not affected by time, DC, and AC signals. 2. Compared with conventional chip capacitors, high-frequency capacitors have very low loss. If the circuit requires long-life capacitors, it is a wise choice to use high-frequency capacitors. 3. Very high Q value, ultra-low ESR.
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