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What is a nesting doll capacitor? Are nesting doll capacitors serious?

by:Shenmao     2021-06-12
The term matryoshka comes from Russian matryoshka art. Its main form is to put a small doll inside a big doll, which can be put in layers, and the capacitor also has this kind of 'artwork' capacitor matryoshka. Put small capacitors in the larger capacitor jacket, and then weld the positive and negative poles of the large capacitor shell through the lead wires, so that there is a large capacitor shell. Does the performance of the small capacitor sound amazing? In fact, capacitor dolls are a kind of fraud. It is not possible to compare with Russian dolls, such as art. The capacitor looks at the capacity and withstand voltage the most important, and the contents of the large capacitor are hollowed out and then welded to the small capacitor package. After getting up, selling it at the price of a large capacitor is completely a fraud. It usually occurs on more expensive capacitors. The ones that can make a complete set of baby capacitors are generally aluminum electrolytic capacitors, because aluminum electrolytic capacitors belong to the outer casing. , In this way, it is easy to pack other small capacitors in it. People who buy this type of capacitors, the general consumer group is audio enthusiasts, and they are used by modified audio. After the purchase and installation, the power is turned on. At the critical point, the doll capacitor may directly burst, or smoke, and then there is basically no way to find after-sales. It is generally more common in the second-hand trading market. It is usually the case of a well-known aluminum electrolytic capacitor, and then go inside. A set of small-capacity capacitors, because they are discontinued capacitor brand models, are still more popular in the second-hand market. They often take advantage of the loopholes. The second-hand capacitor market is risky. You need to be cautious when buying. Generally, you will follow the place after the transaction. There is no way to deal with after-sales. Generally capacitor manufacturers or small capacitor workshops will not risk producing this kind of doll capacitor, because it is very easy to happen, and there are fixed addresses and identification information that are easy to find, so in normal There is basically no phenomenon of doll capacitors in the batch orders. If you buy doll capacitors accidentally and there is no way to return them, you may wish to keep them as an 'artwork' collection.
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