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What is a super capacitor?

by:Shenmao     2021-06-22
What are the specific differences between supercapacitors and ordinary capacitors? The structure of the supercapacitor has been upgraded and adjusted, and the principle has been optimized and improved. With its strong storage capacity and storage performance, supercapacitors have been widely used in many electronic devices and involve a wide range of industries. For example, the most common BYD electric vehicle in life uses the high-capacity, fast-charging, fast-charging and application of supercapacitors. For a long time, conventional capacitors have been used in China. Supercapacitors are 'electric double-layer capacitors'. R u0026 D devices. From a physical point of view, supercapacitors have the characteristics of short charging time, long running time, good temperature control effect, and strong environmental protection performance. In the future environmental protection initiative, it will be a trend of large-scale use. Supercapacitors are not superior in every aspect in the current stage of use. This requires a clear grasp of the characteristics of the capacitor when using supercapacitors. Limited by the existing manufacturing technology, my country still has insufficient experience in installation and debugging when using supercapacitors. Many devices cause circuit failures due to the blind use of super capacitors, which affects the performance of the entire electronic device. As a new product of capacitors, the advantages of supercapacitors are significantly greater than the disadvantages. In recent years, the popularization and application of supercapacitors have effectively solved the problem of large-load circuit operation and ensured the normal performance of power electronic equipment. According to the current trend, the development of supercapacitors will sooner or later replace the batteries currently on the market, and such supercapacitors are in line with the environmental protection advocated, so in the future, with the popularization of new energy, supercapacitors will gradually become popular.
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