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What is the capacitance of the double 85 capacitor? What does double 85 mean?

by:Shenmao     2021-06-15
Double 85 capacitors commonly refer to CBB capacitors, safety capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, etc., which can all be called double 85 capacitors. Double 85 capacitors are just a test standard specification. Double 85 refers to the capacitor passing the temperature of 85° and humidity of 85°. Double test. Capacitors that pass this type of test can be called double 85 capacitors. If the name is standardized, they can be called double 85CBB capacitors. Bringing a clear capacitor product model will make it clearer which type of capacitor. Why does the capacitor pass? How about the double 85 test? Because some products are used under harsh conditions, capacitors that need to pass the double 85 test are required to ensure that the product can operate normally and will not be damaged too quickly. The double 85 test is collectively referred to as the aging test in the insiders, and the double 85 test can be calculated The service life of the capacitor is so long that it is convenient for manufacturers to use it reasonably. There is still a demand for double 85 capacitors on the market, but it is not common, so double 85 capacitors are relatively unfamiliar to many people, plus the need to pass double 85 capacitors. The raw materials and production technology used in the 85-test capacitors are much more expensive than other ordinary capacitors. Therefore, even if they are popular, they will still choose normal capacitors for some electronic products that are not demanding in the environment. Double 85 capacitors There is no more well-known certification qualification certificate, so it is generally necessary for the manufacturer to buy it back for testing. After all, the test report or verbal talk provided by the capacitor manufacturer will make the manufacturer more confident in the results of the test.
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