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What is the characteristic and regularity of capacitor charging and discharging?

by:Shenmao     2020-11-30

capacitor charging and discharging characteristics and regularity of what kind of? According to the above of charging and discharging of capacitor, IC data and curves of UC, can induce the information of several very practical value. It takes time for the charging and discharging of capacitor. This is because the capacitor charge and discharge process, the essence is a process of accumulation and dissipation of electric charge on the capacitor, due to the change of charge is need time, so the charge and discharge is also need time. (2) in the initial stage of charging, the charging current is larger, u rise faster, with growth, the charging current decreases, and the rise of u speed is slow, and E to converge towards the supply voltage. In theory, to completely full of the capacitor, complete the whole process of charging is need infinite long time. But we can see that when t = 15 s, u = 9. 5 v, has reached 95% of E; When t = 25 s, u = 9. 93 v, has actually can think basically is full, the charging process is basically complete. Similarly, at the beginning of the discharge, the change of the voltage and current UC IC is faster, and later became slow. At t = 15 s, u = 0. 5 v, only 5% of the E; When t = 25 s, u = 0. 7 v, at this point can be thought of capacitor charge basic light, completed the discharge process. In conclusion, based on the analysis of practical problems, you can think of capacitor charging and discharging process required time is limited. That is to say, to the experimental circuit, capacitor since charge and discharge after 15 s to 25 s, from the engineering point of view is completely can be thought of charge and discharge is over. (3) in the capacitor has just started charging or are just beginning to discharge, the voltage of capacitor and the storage charge Q will be kept before the start of charge and discharge. For example, before charging capacitor voltage u = 0 v, began to charge moment of UC remain to 0 v. And if the capacitor u = E before discharge, the discharge starting moment remains for E. The capacitor voltage of u at the beginning of the charge and discharge moments can't mutation, the characteristic of capacitor is very important, must keep in mind.
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