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What is the characteristics of super capacitors and ultracapacitors

by:Shenmao     2020-10-22
Super capacitor is also called the large capacity of capacitors, energy storage capacitors, farad capacitor, electrochemical capacitor or electric double layer capacitor ( English name for EDLC, namely ElectricDoubleLayerCapacitors) Polarization electrolyte, is to rely on a new type of electrochemical device to store electrical energy. It is more than ten years with the breakthrough of materials science of new type power type energy storage device, is only in recent years, mass production of a kind of passive components. Super capacitor with large current fast charge and discharge characteristic, at the same time also has a battery energy storage properties, and can be repeated use, long life, when the discharge using mobile electronics (between conductors Instead of relying on chemical reaction) The current release, which provide power supply for equipment. The super capacitor characteristics: 1. Small size, large capacity, the electric capacity of dozens of times larger than electrolytic capacitor with volume capacity. 2. Charge and discharge capability, fast charging, usually a few seconds can be filled out. 3. Safe and reliable, over-voltage breakdown. 4. Life is long, generally can reach hundreds of thousands of hours. 5. Charge and discharge circuit is simple, without special charge discharge circuit and control circuit. From an environmental point of view, it is a kind of green energy. Super capacitor can be welded, and therefore does not exist, such as battery contact unstable problem. Compared with aluminum electrolytic capacitor, its internal resistance is bigger, therefore can not be used in ac circuits.
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