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What is the difference between a power capacitor and a capacitor?

by:Shenmao     2021-05-18
Capacitors are essentially the same as power capacitors, but the application environment and functions are obvious. Capacitors can be understood as a container for holding charges. The main function is to store and discharge the simplest electricity. In more detail, there are noise reduction, filtering, DC blocking, etc. The same is true for power capacitors, so there is no big difference in essence. But the use environment is different, the power capacitor is a kind of reactive power compensation device. In addition to consuming active power, power system loads and power supply equipment such as motors, transformers, and transformers also 'absorb' reactive power. If these reactive power are supplied by generators, it will definitely affect its active power output, which is not only uneconomical, but also causes poor voltage quality and affects users' use. Power capacitors include ①phase-shifting capacitors: phase-shifting capacitors are mainly used to compensate reactive power to improve the power factor of the system ②electric heating capacitors: electric heating capacitors are mainly used to improve the power factor of intermediate frequency power systems ③voltage equalizing capacitors: general voltage equalizing capacitors Connected in parallel on the break of the circuit breaker for voltage equalization. ④Coupling capacitors: Coupling capacitors are mainly used for communication, measurement, control and protection of power transmission lines. ⑤Pulse capacitors: pulse capacitors are mainly used for pulse circuits and DC high-voltage rectification and filtering. . With the development of the national economy, the load is increasing and the power supply capacity is expanding, and reactive power compensation must be kept up accordingly. When the power capacitor is used as reactive power compensation, the investment is small, the loss is small, it is easy to disperse installation, and it is widely used.
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