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What is the difference between cbb22 capacitor and cbb21 capacitor? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-07-04
The performance of cbb22 capacitor and cbb21 capacitor is non-inductive structure, which is made of metalized polypropylene film dielectric/electrode. The lead wire is made of tin-plated copper clad steel wire and epoxy resin encapsulated. The characteristics of the capacitor are included , High-frequency loss, low internal heating, high insulation resistance, good self-healing, widely used in high-frequency, DC, AC, pulse and S correction power. The cbb22 capacitor and the cbb21 capacitor are basically the same in appearance, material, and performance, so why are they called cbb22 capacitors and cbb21 capacitors? In fact, in terms of performance, cbb22 capacitors are better than cbb21 capacitors. Cbb22 capacitors were distinguished from cbb21 capacitors in the last century. However, with the development of technology, few people now produce cbb21 capacitors because cbb22 capacitors can be completely replaced. The cbb21 capacitor was used, so cbb21 slowly withdrew from the stage. Another reason is that the amount of consumption for the production of cbb22 capacitors with raw materials and the production of cbb21 capacitors is not much different, so that no one will go and ask for cbb21 capacitors, they will directly ask for cbb22 capacitors, cbb22 capacitors and cbb21 capacitors. There is no big difference in the specifications. If you have to say it, the performance of cbb22 capacitors will be better than cbb21 capacitors. If you have any questions about cbb22 capacitors and cbb21 capacitors, please feel free to contact online customer service to answer your questions.
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