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What is the difference between monolithic capacitors and electrolytic capacitors

by:Shenmao     2020-10-03
Monolithic capacitors and electrolytic capacitors are more common in the electronic components capacitors, they belong to a capacitor, all have to save electricity. But as a result of using the two different materials have decided to use the difference on the field. On the whole, there are these differences: the difference between capacity difference, characteristic, application field. ShenMao below small make up just to give you our analysis to introduce the concrete difference between both. Aluminum electrolytic capacitor is usually composed of metal foil/tantalum as positive electrode, insulating oxide layer as the dielectric foil, electrolytic capacitor with its positive electrode divided into aluminum electrolytic capacitor and tantalum electrolytic capacitor. The negative electrode of aluminum electrolytic capacitors by soaked in electrolyte of tissue paper or polymer electrolyte solution. Tantalum electrolytic capacitor of the negative electrode using manganese dioxide usually due to the electrolyte as a negative electrode, electrolytic capacitor so hence the name. Monolithic capacitor and can call multilayer ceramic capacitor, widely used in electronic precision instruments, small electronic devices, etc. Monolithic capacitor has small size, large volume, long service life, high reliability and is suitable for surface mounting. Monolithic capacitor is especially rapid development in recent years, with 10% volume increase in every day. With the improvement of capacity reliability of products and integration, the scope of its use is becoming more and more widely. Such as our common computer, telephone, switches, precision instruments, radar, communication, and so on are the use of monolithic capacitors. The difference between the two: 1 capacity difference, monolithic capacitance is 0. 5 pf - 1 uf, the pressure is 2 times the rated voltage. The capacity of the electrolytic capacitor is 0. 47 - 10000 uf, the rated voltage is usually in June. 3 - Between the 450 v. Differences between the two features, monolithic capacitor electric large capacity, small volume, high reliability, stable capacitance, good high-temperature wet resistance and temperature coefficient is very high. And electrolytic capacitor is generally small size, large capacity, large loss, leakage. 3. Application scope, monolithic capacitors are widely used in electronic precision instruments, all kinds of small electronic equipment for resonance, coupling, filtering, by-pass and electrolytic capacitor main role is to electronic components of the power supply filter, low-frequency coupling, decoupling, bypass, and so on. Monolithic capacitors can be called multilayer ceramic capacitors, let again, it is divided into two types. Type I performance is good but the capacity is small, large capacity of type II single performance in general. Electrolytic capacitor is sensitive to temperature, polarity, the installation must be correct plug are negative, or are in danger of explosion, relative will last longer. That is the difference between monolithic capacitors and electrolytic capacitors, hope can help to you.
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