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What is the difference between the DC and AC of a capacitor? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-02
The previous capacitor technology is similar to the statement that electrolytic capacitors and ceramic capacitors have no alternating current, and can only be satisfied with the function of providing direct current. With the progress of capacitor production technology, more safer and more voltage-resistant alternating current capacitors have gradually appeared. What is the difference between the two? 1. Use environment limits DC capacitors have certain disadvantages in the environment in which they are used. They cannot be used for more complex circuit designs and can only be used for simpler circuit designs, while AC capacitors can be used in the environment where they are used. , Regardless of whether it is a DC circuit or an AC circuit, AC capacitors can operate normally. 2. DC capacitors with different production processes are generally older types of capacitors. Capacitors such as aluminum electrolytic capacitors and ceramic capacitors cannot be used for AC, because the process has been fixed, and the upgraded version of AC capacitors, such as The upgraded version of the ceramic chip is that the porcelain-inserted safety Y capacitor series has successfully used alternating current, and the process of electrolytic capacitors determines that there is no way to achieve alternating current. Common AC capacitors include CBB series and safety series. 3. Price difference Large DC capacitors are generally much cheaper than AC capacitors. AC capacitors can adapt to the working environment of AC power because of their structure. Other performances are also much higher than AC capacitors, such as service life and safety. , Stability, etc., so the price of AC capacitors will be a lot more expensive. 4. How to distinguish between AC capacitors and DC capacitors. Because the production process has regulations, the produced AC capacitors must be marked, while DC capacitors are not so strict. If you look If there is AC printed on the logo of the capacitor, then this capacitor is an AC capacitor, if the printed DC is DC capacitor, if there is no AC or DC printed, most of it will be DC capacitor
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