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What is the ox horn electrolytic capacitor? What are the characteristics? ( Picture attached)

by:Shenmao     2020-10-21
Concept: the horns electrolytic capacitor, is called image, because two fuses with hook oh, like a horn. Also called electrolytic capacitor welding needle type, called the snap - in English Type in electrolytic capacitors click to view: horn type electrolytic capacitor structure features: horn type electrolytic capacitor has excellent high frequency, long life, high reliability, high ripple current characteristics 1. + 85 ℃ ~ + 105 ℃ durability of 3 ~ 8 year 2. With ultra high frequency, long life, high ripple current, high reliable application features: 1. Applied to industrial demand, servo control in the capacitance of the frequency conversion governor, switching power supply capacitor demand in demand, PC electrical source capacitance, industrial power supply requirements. 2. Used in the professional stage audio capacitor demand, power capacitor requirements, automotive electronic capacitance in the medium. 3. Applied to industrial stored energy welding machine capacitor demand, demand, communication power supply in the capacitance of the high-power UPS power supply demand, computer capacity demand, high ripple in the electric car capacitor demand, electric train, frequency conversion governor capacitance in the capacitor demand demand in 4. Applied in industrial demand, the inverter in the capacitance of the welding machine, numerical control machine tool in demand capacitance, frequency conversion power capacitor demand in demand, car electronic capacitance, electrical control capacity requirements. 5. Special purpose electronic and other electrical supporting dc and pulse circuits
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