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What is the prospect of the capacitor market in recent years|Focus on medium and high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-11
People in the capacitor industry should be aware that since 2018, many of their colleagues are gradually closing stores or factories, and then there are many bosses who owe debts or defaults on their wages, and after a lot of less competitors, their own capacitors Orders are also not increasing, and their turnover is gradually declining bit by bit. In 2018, because most companies were facing large quantities of fines for non-compliance, some companies directly chose to close their doors. Because the number of production companies has decreased, the orders for capacitor manufacturers that can produce me have also dropped rapidly. When there are more capacitor manufacturers, the supply exceeds demand, which will lead to the situation of lowering prices in order to win orders, and it is not good for capacitor manufacturers to win orders. The profits of their own capacitors are not too large and they rely on volume to maintain a certain income. , The move of lowering prices to take orders directly puts myself in a dilemma. Production means loss, and not producing means that the hard-to-find orders are gone. Just because this price reduction move puts pressure on the suppliers of capacitor raw materials, the raw material suppliers will also fall into this predicament. If they do not agree to reduce prices for raw materials, then partners who have cooperated for several years will go directly to find them. Other peers, but if they agree, they are doing business at a loss. In order to maintain profitability, they will move their hands and feet on the raw materials, and may reduce the grade of raw materials. Maybe the capacitor manufacturer thinks that the cost is suppressed. Start to produce capacitors, and then supply them to customers. After the customers install the machines, they will be sold on the market. Then individual products have product quality problems, which will lead to undesirable chain reactions and everyone will have a bad reputation. If the amount of money is involved Larger ones will go to legal procedures. This farce is still going on in 2019. Therefore, the prospects for the capacitor market in recent years have not been very good. However, most capacitor manufacturers have begun to have private agreements recently, not for the sake of Striving for orders and pressing the price to be lower than the cost price, working together to strive for a good capacitor market environment is very gratifying to everyone in the capacitor industry. There will be fewer and fewer orders in the past one or two months, and we have survived 2019. I believe that the capacitor market in 2020 will be even better.
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