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What is the role of capacitor grounding? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-11
We all know that capacitors have the function of charging and discharging, and sometimes in order to protect electrical appliances and people from harm, we will connect the container to the ground to ensure that the ground potential is 0, so that the capacity of the capacitor is optimized. Capacitor grounding is generally a filtering function. For example, electrolytic capacitors can filter low frequencies, and ceramic capacitors can filter high frequencies. The principle is the capacitor's cross-current-resistance characteristics. For the AC signal path of the capacitor, the higher the signal frequency, the smaller the impedance, the larger the capacity of the capacitor, the smaller the impedance, and the DC signal is disconnected. For example, if the positive and negative poles of a DC power supply are connected to a capacitor, it is equivalent to a short circuit for an AC signal, so the fluctuating signal will be consumed through this capacitor, so the voltage will be more stable. Similarly, if a capacitor is connected to the digital ground, it will fluctuate. The signal will short-circuit with the ground through it, flow into the ground end, and not flow into the circuit of another level. Electricity is just like a human being. It will choose a path that is easy to pass. A capacitor is equal to a path for an AC signal, so it will naturally choose a capacitor to pass.
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