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What is the same with polar and nonpolar capacitance and differences?

by:Shenmao     2020-10-11

what is the same with polar and nonpolar capacitance and differences? The following understanding together from four aspects, specific analysis is introduced for you by the capacitor manufacturer. 1, the principle is the same. ( 1) Is the storage charge and release charge; ( 2) Voltage (on the plate Here the charge accumulation electromotive force is called voltage) Not mutation. 2, different medium. What is medium? After all the material between the two plate is capacitor. Electrolyte USES mostly polar capacitor dielectric materials, usually with the volume of capacitor has a large capacity of polar capacitor. In addition, different electrolyte materials and technology make the polar capacitor with volume capacity will also be different. Then there is compression and the use of dielectric materials have close relationship. Non-polar capacitor dielectric materials are many, mostly using metal oxide film, polyester, etc. Because of the medium reversible or irreversible performance determines the polar and non-polar capacitor using the environment. 3, the performance is different. Performance is the use of request, demand maximization is the use requirements. If the power supply section in the TV set made from metal oxide film capacitor filter, and to meet the requirements of the filter capacitor capacity and pressure. Inside the chassis can only include a power supply. So can only be used as filtering polarity capacitance, polar capacitor is not reversible. Is the anode must meet high potential terminal, the cathode must answer the low potential terminal. Electrolytic capacitor in more than one micro farads, commonly do coupling, coupling, power filtering, etc. Most non-polar capacitors under 1 micro farads, resonance, coupling, frequency selective, current limiting, etc. , of course, also have the high pressure of large capacity, multi-purpose in power reactive compensation, phase shift of the motor, use the same frequency conversion power to move on. Non-polar capacitor is a lot of more phyletic, to name a tautology. 4, capacity is different. You've already talked about with the volume of the capacitor dielectric different capacity range, not a tautology. 5, different structures. In principle does not consider point discharge, what kind of shape capacitance can use environment. Usually use the electrolytic capacitor ( Polar capacitor) Few are round, square. Non-polar capacitor shape has changed. Like tube, deformation of rectangle, piece of combination, square, round, square and round, and so on, to see where it is used. And of course the intangible, invisible here means the distributed capacitance. For the distributed capacitance in high frequency and medium frequency components can never ignore. Function is the same. Main difference is on the capacity, the influence of material structure, general nonpolar capacitance capacity are relatively small, usually under 10 uf, while polar capacitor capacity is generally larger. Such as power supply filtering, you have to use the large capacity of polar capacitor.
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