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What is the use of film capacitor wax injection? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-19
I believe that many people still don’t know what the wax injection of film capacitors is, and what are the benefits of wax injection? This depends on the characteristics of the film capacitors. We know that when the degree of insulation of a certain component of a film capacitor drops, it will inevitably generate supernormal heat and increase the internal pressure, which will cause the film capacitor shell to deform and expand, and mechanical displacement will break the explosion-proof line. Since the power supply is connected to the film capacitor element through the rupture disk, the disconnection of the rupture disk is equal to the disconnection of the power supply, so that the circuit is in an open state. The explosion-proof effect is determined by the design of the rupture disk, the installation position and the tightness of the film capacitor. Wax-impregnated film capacitors are small in size, light in weight, excellent in electrical performance, low in loss, and have good self-healing properties. Generally, the wax-dipped film capacitor has a pressure-type explosion-proof device inside, which is safe and reliable to use. Compared with ordinary film capacitors, it has better moisture resistance and better control of the size.
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