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What kind of capacitor is a long-life capacitor?

by:Shenmao     2021-03-18
How many people in the capacitor factory have heard the phrase “long-life capacitors” in the mouths. So what kind of capacitors are long-life capacitors and how does it become a sales highlight of capacitors? This article reveals the long-life capacitor referred to by the salesperson of the capacitor manufacturer. The term long-life capacitor comes from aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The main advantage of electrolytic capacitors is that they have large capacity and are cheap. However, the disadvantage is that they are easy to damage and have a long service life. The characteristic of not being long, the normal service life of ordinary electrolytic capacitors is 2000H, which is 2000 hours. This refers to the fact that the electrolytic capacitors are basically broken after 2000 hours of cumulative use at a temperature of 105°, and often they may not be accumulated in real life. 2000H, the possibility of premature damage is also relatively high. The original intention of electrolytic capacitor manufacturers was not to improve this situation, but to make their electrolytic capacitors more competitive, and they began to develop a higher service life. Electrolytic capacitors. Once the long-life electrolytic capacitors are launched, they have indeed received a enthusiastic response from the market. However, the improvement of raw materials and technology will inevitably increase the price. Therefore, so far, the price of ordinary electrolytic capacitors and long-life electrolytic capacitors is different. Very far, so some relatively cheap electrical equipment will still choose ordinary electrolytic capacitors, and after the concept of long-life capacitors has been widely promoted, major capacitor manufacturers have also begun to think, and have made all existing capacitor products. Replacement, technology upgrades, to create more high-quality capacitors, because in a sense, long-life capacitors are most suitable for capacitors with service life such as electrolytic capacitors, but this concept has begun to be used imperceptibly. For other capacitors, in fact, the good quality capacitors are actually better than the same type of capacitors, so they are widely used to choose various types of capacitors for long life. But here is a reminder, except for the long life of electrolytic capacitors. The lifetime can be verified by time and certificate. The long lifetime of other specifications of capacitors is more difficult to consider, so it is better to refer to it.
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