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What kind of capacitor is the filter capacitor? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-21
Every time a customer inquires about the need for a filter capacitor, and asks what kind of capacitor the other party needs, the customer will always be at a loss and say that it is a filter capacitor. Every time a customer who does not understand capacitors is received, there will always be some trouble. A joke, today, let's popularize what kind of filter capacitor is. First of all, let’s put aside the concept of capacitors and understand the word filtering separately. Filtering is to filter out specific band frequencies in the signal. To understand simply, it will make the signal transmission more stable without interference. Return to the filter capacitor. The side explanation is that the capacitor becomes a carrier, and it needs to take on the role of filtering. Of course, it is not a capacitor with filtering function. It can be applied to any device. Although the capacitor has become a carrier of filtering function, the prerequisite for achieving it is still Have the conditions for use on the circuit board. Does it feel strange to see this? For a simple example, for example, a company recruiting security personnel requires knowledge of martial arts, but it must be 1.9 meters tall and weigh 160 kilograms. Even if the applicant knows martial arts, but does not reach this height and weight level, he still cannot pass the interview. , Even if the filter capacitor has the filtering function, but the capacity withstand voltage and so on can not be used on the circuit board at all, then this will only bring the risk of damage to the circuit board, so look for the filter capacitor in the future, don’t tell the other party that I want Filter capacitor, and clearly tell the other party the capacitor capacity and withstand voltage and filtering requirements of the circuit board, so that the communication will be more convenient and effective
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