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What kind of capacitor is the safety X2 capacitor|Focus on the manufacturer of high-end brand capacitors

by:Shenmao     2021-06-08
Safety X2 capacitors were born after cbb capacitors. The main reason that cbb capacitors can no longer meet the performance and safety requirements of new equipment, safety X2 capacitors were developed. What kind of capacitor is the safety X2 capacitor, and what is its main function? Generally, after a capacitor is broken down by a current in an electronic device, the machine will generally keep running, but it will not work, but the current flow does not have the function of the capacitor, and the current will not flow in a fixed route like the design circuit board. When touching electronic equipment with your hands, it is easy to be touched by electricity. For example, in previous homes, there are few intelligent safety trips, and it is no longer a small number of people who are seriously injured or even killed by live electricity due to equipment leakage. Therefore, engineers based on the original capacitor Based on its performance, a safer capacitor has been developed, which is the current safety X2 capacitor. Safety X2 capacitors are generally referred to as safety capacitors, which belong to a series. The following letters are the limits of the peak voltage that they can withstand. Generally, there are grades of safety X3 (1.2kV) / safety X2 (2.5 kV)/Safety X1 (4kV), and safety X2 capacitors can already meet the conditions of daily equipment, so they are more common in electronic equipment, and safety X3 capacitors may be used in some small and high peak electronic equipment. It is used above, so it is not often common. Safety X1 belongs to close to larger industrial equipment, so it is not common. Because of the safety of safety X2 capacitors, there is an organization responsible for supervision, that is, the capacitor certification mentioned before (what are the capacitor certifications), these thresholds also effectively prevent safety capacitor manufacturers Because the process of producing safety X2 capacitors is not difficult, ordinary capacitor manufacturers can do it independently, but if they want to sell them on the market, it will be very troublesome, because the certification organization is not only to certify the performance of the capacitor. It is also necessary to issue a certification for a company’s production qualification and the scale of the company. Therefore, there are usually more fixed brands of safety X2 capacitors purchased in China, and there are also many agents.
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