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What parameters should metal film capacitor manufacturers pay attention to when choosing capacitors | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-03
It is a meticulous thing to choose the right manufacturer among the many metal film capacitor manufacturers. Everything is well done. If it is not done well, the procurement process will become very unsatisfactory. For example, the purchased metal film capacitors do not meet the requirements. Details determine success or failure, so let's talk about the details-the parameters that should be paid attention to when choosing capacitors in metal film capacitor manufacturers. Metal film capacitor manufacturers pay attention to the first point when choosing capacitors: rated voltage. The so-called rated voltage refers to the voltage value applied to both ends of the capacitor that the metal film capacitor can work normally, stably and reliably within a certain period of time in the circuit. The rated voltage of a metal film capacitor is not only related to the dielectric and device structure used in the capacitor, but also to the environment in which the capacitor is located. When the frequency and temperature rise, the rated voltage will drop. Therefore, manufacturers of metal film capacitors should pay attention to the rated voltage of the capacitor when purchasing metal film capacitors. Take the temperature factor as an example. If it is an uncontrollable temperature environment, the temperature will often rise very sharply, so the voltage value applied to the two ends of the metal film capacitor should be reduced accordingly. But generally the designed circuit cannot be changed at will, so when choosing a metal film capacitor, you should choose a capacitor with a rated voltage slightly higher than the actual demand to ensure the normal, stable and reliable use of the capacitor.
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