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What problems should be paid attention to when using metal film capacitors|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-19
The use of products can effectively meet people's needs. For the use of metal film capacitors, it has been spread across various industries. In the process of use, only timely attention to any problems in the use process can be effective. The promotion of the safety of the entire use-only process. In the process of use, when installing metal film capacitors, the wiring of each capacitor is best to choose a separate flexible wire to connect to the bus bar, which can effectively ensure safety, and do not use harder bus bars for connection , Further prevent further damage to the product during assembly stress, and further cause oil leakage. Secondly, any bad contact during the circuit of the capacitor may cause the increase of the overall strength and damage caused by heat. After the connection is successful, it is necessary to measure in time when in use to ensure that the entire neutral point is not grounded to effectively deal with the insulator. When using and installing, only by maintaining the correct use steps can the occurrence of these phenomena be effectively slowed down. When installing and using it, it is best to distribute the use of the primary capacity in time, to ensure the balance between the distribution process, and to supplement the current error so as to further protect the requirements of the operating current. But the deviation should not be too large. Especially for the wiring of individual compensation capacitors, the overall safety of use should be reasonably ensured. When starting or passing through the induction motor of the rheostat, the power used in it should be connected in time to effectively organize the two devices. The phenomenon of switching or fusing further prevents the occurrence of undesirable phenomena.
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