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What's the difference between capacitance and SMT capacitors?

by:Shenmao     2020-12-24

capacitor and SMT capacitors have what differentiation? Plug-in capacitance or patch capacitor installation process, capacitance is upright in the PCB itself, patch capacitance process is the difference between fundamental installation, with black rubber base. Patch capacitance is primary production, the advantages of its high degree of automation, precision is high, not as easy as plug-in is damaged in transit. But process installation need to deal with the wave soldering process, capacity after the high temperature may affect performance, especially the cathode using electrolytic capacitor, through the electrolyte might run dry after high temperature. The installation of the plug-in process, lower cost, therefore under the same cost, patch capacitance itself performance can be better. In terms of performance, plug-in capacitance to frequency of poor adaptability to some, but not more than 500 MHZ frequency is difficult to reflect the difference. Using plug-in installed capacity also have very good products, such as part of the PS series of CHEMICON is to use the plug-in.
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