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What should I pay attention to when purchasing CBB capacitors? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-07-06
CBB capacitors, also called polypropylene capacitors or metal film capacitors, are generally used in various types of industrial equipment, and medical equipment is relatively large. The specific attention to the purchase of CBB capacitors is the strength of the capacitor manufacturer and the payment method. Then follow these two reference directions. Everyone should pay attention to two rules. The strength of capacitor manufacturers is the first thing to consider, because it involves a series of issues such as the quality, delivery date, and after-sales treatment of CBB capacitors. For example, a small capacitor manufacturer only has 10 production equipment, and it is similar to a large capacitor manufacturer. His production equipment has 100 sets. The production speed of the two is basically the latter. However, it is necessary to consider whether you need to purchase CBB capacitors in large quantities. If the purchase amount is not large, a small factory can also be competent. If it is The recommendation for large-volume purchases is to find large factories to cooperate to ensure the delivery of CBB capacitors, and to purchase CBB capacitors, please choose factory supply. They have after-sales guarantees and quality problems will assist in the production of more suitable circuit boards. If you choose the counter, the problem will be solved for you, that is, refund or exchange. The payment method is also an important part of purchasing CBB capacitors. Although it is not involved in the quality of the capacitor itself, it can play a good role in coordinating with the factory. The smaller the capacitor, the more the factory prefers to pay first before delivery. For larger factories, they will deliver the goods first and then pay for one month accumulatively. If something happens during this period, the latter must be more flexible in handling the problem.
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