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Where can electrolytic capacitors be sold|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-28
Electrolytic capacitors are a popular model in the electronics industry. Its advantage is that the capacitance is large and the price is cheap. Due to the production technology of electrolytic capacitors, the service life will not be too long. If the appliance has passed the warranty period There is an extra charge for on-site repairs, so I think about buying electrolytic capacitors to replace them, so where can I sell electrolytic capacitors? It is basically impossible to obtain an electrolytic capacitor from an electrical company. They are just a sales store and do not have a repair function. Therefore, there is no spare electrolytic capacitor, and it is impossible to remove one from a good electrical equipment for you, then we will buy it. When electrolytic capacitors, you should first disassemble the electrical appliances, find the damaged electrolytic capacitor and look at the corresponding size, capacity, withstand voltage, error, and brand, and then try to contact the corresponding brand of electrolytic capacitors and ask where they are available. Or whether the agent can provide you with some free samples, under normal circumstances, if the electrolytic capacitor manufacturer happens to have stock, they are still willing to provide you with some electrolytic capacitors. If the electrolytic capacitor manufacturer is unable to provide it, then you have to find another place that sells electrolytic capacitors. The local electronics city is a good choice, but you need to ask more than one, because electrolytic capacitors are generally not sold in retail. It is sold in bulk, usually at a minimum of 1,000, so our normal family can't use that much, so we need to find more to see if we can ask for several separately, because an electrolytic capacitor is basically a few cents, and you need ten for each. The other party is generally happy for five yuan. The second is to buy it at the online e-shop. You can basically buy bulk materials, but there is no guarantee whether it is second-hand or damaged. It is best. Choose a store with a higher reputation to buy, and the general shipping cost is more than ten dollars. If the number of purchases is not large, you basically have to pay the postage yourself, so you need to consider it at your own discretion.
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