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Which is more promising MicroLED, AMOLED

by:Shenmao     2021-01-06
2027 MicroLED shipments will rise to 16. 7 million partial plate display technology is also in iteration to upgrade. Micro LED by high resolution, low power consumption, high brightness, high contrast, high color saturation, fast response, the thickness of the thin and long life characteristics, such as power consumption can be as low as 50% of the 10% of the LCD, OLED, is the industry look forward to the next generation display technology. 国连接线诸多显示幕公司,都在积极研发micro led技术在电视上应用,但受技术演绎书限制,即将在micro led实现量产的公司寥寥无京畿,优先身份者备齐明显优势。 MiniLED and Micro LED display and study of related products in the near term, MiniLED display based on highly efficient LED back light and TFT - LCD technology, has been successful in monitor the performance of the product shows a bright eye, the explosive growth of the first wave of application has appeared in msi, asustek and acer's e-sports screen display applications, such as order and apple rumors will launch MiniLED device, Macbook, also by market and consumer expectations. Just after MiniLED, Micro LED display is also viewed as a new generation of key technologies, various companies and research institutes from all over the world are engaged in technology development, every breakthrough of OLED blockade, expect to reach high order and new display market. 根据omdia发布‘microled显示技术与市场─2020》报告,microled显示器上出现货量增长由智能手表和电视市场原因引领。 omdia存款共2027年智能手表市场microled显示器出现货量将超过1000万碎片,而同年电视市场出现存共货量将增长不到万330片以上。 ” 与有机发光两极身体( OLED) MicroLED than display monitor has excellent luminous efficiency, therefore is expected to become the next illuminated display technology, & quot; Jerry Omdia deputy director Kang said. ” Now many start-ups, display panel manufacturer and consumer brands are developing their own microLED display, equipment and process, size ranging from big size to small size. ” Flexible AMOLED shipments in 2020 is expected to be up 51% from a year earlier, according to Omdia the smartphone display panel market tracking report update in the first quarter of 2020 showed that the COVID - 19负面影响,omdia存款共2020年智能手机显示面板货量为14年。 44片,较2019年15。 96片减少10%。 Smart phone display panel falling demand influence to each kind of display technology. Due to high-end smartphones in demand by AMOLED erosion, LTPS TFT LCD most affected. omdia存款共2020年智能手机用ltps tft lcd为5。 6片,较2019年该相比下降16%。 顶多omdia存款共2020年智能手机用 si tft lcd货量为4。 72片,较减少2019年同比增长9%。 Driven by emerging countries low-end smartphone demand forecast, in the first quarter of 2020, a - si tft lcd已被积极招聘购。 But COVID - The popularity of 19 in the first quarter of 2020 after impact in emerging countries, thus starting from the second quarter of 2020, a - Si TFT LCD LTPS TFT LCD to decline. omdia存款共2020年智能手机用amoled日本内阁总理货量为4。 66片,较比2019年该微降1%。 With the high display performance ( High contrast and low power consumption) , AMOLED shipments by strong growth in 2019, replaced the high-end smartphones on LTPS TFT LCD's demand. In 2020, on the other hand, the flexible ( Plastic substrate) amoled将取代amoled刚性。 随著5 g智能手机采用柔性amoled趋势,2020年智能手机用柔性存共amoled将出值2。 38美元,较2019年该增长上涨51%。 日本由于被柔性amoled取代,2020年刚性amoled货量存款共将降至2。 27片,较减少2019年同比增长27%。
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