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Which of the solid capacitors and audio capacitors used in audio is of good sound quality?

by:Shenmao     2021-03-17
Acoustic capacitors have a wide variety of different types of materials due to their different uses, structures, and materials. Their electrical properties, structures and uses depend to a large extent on the medium used, and are classified into organic medium, inorganic medium, liquid oil medium and gas medium according to the medium. Capacitors, etc., and the most used transistors in audio circuits are organic dielectric and inorganic dielectric electrolytic capacitors. Organic dielectric capacitors, also known as film capacitors, are based on paper dielectric (MP), metal dielectric, polyester (Mylar also known as polyester), polystyrene (MKS), polypropylene (MKP), polycarbonate (MKC) and polymer Several types of capacitors are mainly based on phthalate (MKT). Among the three types of capacitors, paper, polyester, and polypropylene, there are two types of capacitors, one with or without metallization. Generally speaking, once the capacitor of the metallized medium is broken down, the arc generated at the breakdown will melt and evaporate the metal film, so that the short circuit is eliminated, and it can automatically return to normal operation and have a self-healing function. This kind of capacitor has very good performance and is generally used in power supplies. Metallized polyester capacitors (Mylar) and metallized polypropylene capacitors (MKP) can eliminate the inductance caused by winding, and make a non-inductive capacitor with better performance. For this kind of capacitor, choose a nominal × 2 capacitor on the capacitor. The manufacturing process is special, and there is no inductive capacitance. Inorganic capacitors are mainly composed of mica, porcelain, monolith, and glass glaze. Electrolytic capacitors are represented by aluminum electrolytic capacitors, which have the characteristics of small size and large capacity, which can be tens of microfarads to 20,000 to 30,000 microfarads, but their impedance frequency characteristics are poor, temperature characteristics are not good, and insulation resistance is low , The leakage current is large, and it will deteriorate and become invalid if it is not used for a long time. Since the conductivity of the electrolyte is not very good, the resistance is large, the loss is also large, the distributed capacitance and the error are not small, various reasons make the performance of electrolytic capacitors far inferior to film capacitors, it is only suitable for power supply filtering and power supply decoupling It is not suitable for use in audio coupling circuits.
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