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Why are the pins of electrolytic capacitors blown? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-25
First of all, we have to distinguish whether it is corrosion broken or burned! If there is liquid leakage at the pins of the electrolytic capacitor, it will cause it to be eroded from the root! Because the electrolytic capacitor pin is very thick, the current that the pin can withstand is far greater than the current of the PCB circuit trace, so the pin of the electrolytic capacitor is generally unlikely to be blown; the capacity of the electrolytic capacitor is generally large, so its initial The charging current is very large. If the pins of the electrolytic capacitor have been severely corroded, the pins will be broken by an instantaneous surge current! Not only that, when the large-capacity capacitor is fully charged, it is short-circuited, and the pin is blown by the instantaneous high current. It is also possible that when the electrolytic capacitor is energized, if two pins are immersed in water (including tap water) at the same time, electrolysis occurs, and the electrolytic capacitor pins will be broken after two or three hours of continuous electrolysis.
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