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Why are there fewer and fewer capacitor factories? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-05
When it comes to factories, everyone’s first impression is that they are manufacturing enterprises, with first-hand supply of goods, and large quantities. In recent years, the production environment of capacitor factories at home and abroad is not good. There are a lot of bankruptcies facing acquisitions. Everyone introduces why the capacitor factory has grown from its glory to the dilemma of bankruptcy it is now facing. Recently, when you purchase capacitors, you may have noticed that it is very convenient to purchase capacitors online. You can even use AR technology to see the factory online. Coupled with the current logistics speed, it saves most of the time and cost. In the past, it was constrained by many links. In the seemingly good market environment, the rate of closure of capacitor factories is accelerating. Because of the online impact, the capacitor factory that relied on the marketing model 20 years ago could not be relieved. Calling offline and visiting factories offline, this mode of pulling orders has been quickly turned away by peers. The second is that most of the capacitor factories were born in the 1990s and developed, but they belong to the barbaric growth environment, which brings a lot of industrial waste. With the improvement of economic conditions, relevant state agencies have also begun to address environmental issues. Some capacitor factories did not meet the environmental protection standards, and many were fined or directly required to close the factory. Some may choose to close the factory for a period of time to prevent environmental protection. However, most capacitor factories are production-type enterprises. In the food and lodging type, as long as there is no work for a day, all it consumes is money, and it also faces bankruptcy over time. A factory with better luck can be acquired by other large companies, but such acquisitions are all in a capacitor factory with strong production technology or a relatively well-known capacitor factory. Generally, the production strength generally has no core competitiveness, and no company is willing. Acquisition, so next time you choose a capacitor factory to cooperate, try to choose more established companies that have survived for a long time. More articles recommended: cbb capacitor factory-provide quality inspection report
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