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Why are there many domestic capacitor agents?

by:Shenmao     2021-06-28
Why are there many domestic capacitor agents? I believe that when you search for foreign capacitor brands on the Internet, you will often see many capacitor agents, and they all have one thing in common. Most of them are agents of the same capacitor product, or multiple capacitor products. No doubt, why do foreign capacitor manufacturers set up so many capacitor agents? Here is the reason behind this to everyone. The domestic e-commerce platform is very developed, and the e-commerce platform that specializes in electronic components is no exception. When they enter the mall for capacitor manufacturers, the mall itself will also contact foreign manufacturers to let them enter. Of course, this is more conventional. Under the circumstances, there are also some small platforms that bypass this link and directly list foreign capacitor products. If there are orders, they will concentrate the orders to foreign trade companies for processing. It is because of this precedent that a large number of domestic small and micro enterprises Scented the opportunity and adopted such a business model, some companies are even more outrageous and act as agents for all products. Think about a company that sells not only capacitors, but also mobile phones and chargers. This is very scary. Up. There is no lack of real agency companies in China. Such companies generally only represent a capacitor company and have a power of attorney from the other capacitor company. The irony is that a company with agency rights needs to compete with non-agent companies in the market for customers. , This is very embarrassing, so most of the online search for foreign capacitor brands, there will be a variety of agents for this reason, when choosing a regular capacitor agent, be sure to ask the other party to provide the authorization certificate, However, the authorization certificate is also fraudulent. To avoid risks, we should advise everyone to choose more domestic capacitor manufacturers.
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