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Why are there so many types of capacitors? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-02
There are many types and specifications of common capacitors on the market, and sometimes they will be stunned by these types of capacitors. People who contact capacitors for the first time will hear the capacitor type cbb20 and then cbb21. Almost the performance of cbb21 is definitely an upgraded version of cbb20, but cbb20 is a polypropylene axial capacitor, and cbb21 is a polypropylene co-directional square capacitor, and then I hear cbb21 capacitor and cbb22 capacitor You will feel that they should also be two different capacitors, but in fact they are capacitors of the same specification. cbb22 is an upgraded version of cbb21 capacitors, which will be very troublesome for people who are in the capacitor industry for the first time. Why are there so many types of capacitors? There are not many types of capacitors first, but a lot of new electronic products were born. Technology is always advancing. Electronic products are also replaced day and night. There are new electronic products. There are new circuit board designs, new circuit boards will always have new requirements, sometimes other parts, sometimes capacitors, there may be requirements from the shape, or there may be new requirements for performance. Because of these new requirements, coupled with the mass production of these electronic products, these capacitors are gradually being put on the new model list. Because there are more and more types of capacitors, each country has begun to plan the type classification of these capacitors uniformly, and then explain from the model, such as the first part of the common capacitor model nomenclature: name, represented by letters, and capacitors with C. The second part: materials, represented by letters, and the third part: classification, generally represented by numbers, and individually represented by letters. The fourth part: the serial number, expressed by numbers. This is the reason why capacitor models and specifications are increasing. In the future, there must be some new electronic products that will continue to give birth to new capacitor models.
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