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Why can lead to low voltage power capacitor capacity value attenuation?

by:Shenmao     2020-10-14
Electric power capacitor is used in the condenser of power system and electrical equipment, the size of the capacitor, is by its geometric size and dielectric characteristic between two plates. When the capacitor to use under ac voltage, often expressed as a reactive power capacitor's capacity, unit is spent or kvar. In the operation of the power capacitor, attention should be paid to the following questions: under the working voltage of electric power capacitor voltage is very sensitive, because is proportional to the square of the loss and the voltage of the capacitor, overvoltage will lead to serious, condenser heat accelerated aging. Capacitor insulation, shorten the life, even the breakdown. Power grid voltage generally should be lower than the rated voltage of capacitor itself, not more than 0% of the nominal voltage. Therefore, when the working voltage is twice the rated voltage, cooling measures must be taken. In magnetic saturation regulator, large rectifier power grid and electric furnace installation power capacitor, its working current and harmonic problems can result in higher harmonic in communication. What is the cause of the low voltage power capacitor capacity value attenuation? 1, high temperature aging: if the operating temperature is too high, the internal components of high temperature ageing phenomenon happens, the service life of the metallized film will decay, capacitance value falls wait for a problem. 2, overvoltage run: if the over voltage, operating temperature rise with a certain degree of degree, if run over voltage for a long time, capacitor operation beyond the scope of design temperature will shorten the service life of the capacitor, at the same time can also cause attenuation capacity value. 3, over-current operation: at present, the self-healing type low voltage power capacitor are on the market for capacitor, the flow is run, metallized film will exist within the electric breakdown phenomenon, resulting in a decrease of metallized film available area, the capacitance value will trace attenuation, if electric breakdown time too much, will cause serious attenuation capacity value. 4, overload operation: although low voltage power capacitor can overload operation, but there is time, voltage and current limit, if run overload for a long time, will cause the capacitor breakdown frequency is too high, the internal temperature rise, lead to reduced the service life of the capacitor, capacitance value serious decline, even failure. So considering the existence of the filter, regulation should not exceed the rated working current of capacitor current of 1. Three times. In order to better can prolong the service life of power capacitor, in use process should pay attention to avoid such problems as high temperature, voltage and current is too large. Shenzhen ShenMao weiye technology co. , LTD, cooperating with domestic famous brand BSMJ sales self-healing type low voltage power capacitor in parallel, would like to know more information about aluminum electrolytic capacitor, please lock ShenMao website counseling online customer service!
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