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Why do capacitors often break in summer? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-28
In summer, the probability of appliance damage is much greater than in winter, and most of the damage is due to capacitors. Today, I will explain why the probability of damage to appliances caused by capacitors in summer is so high. The indoor temperature and the working temperature of the capacitor are the main reasons. The selection of capacitors has selected the most suitable capacitors in the engineer’s circuit board design draft, but there are often many uncertain factors in the actual use environment. For example, this household appliance is intended to be used indoors. However, in actual use, it was taken to outdoor use. The maximum temperature of the capacitor is 105°. In addition, the outdoor temperature may cause an upper limit, causing damage to the capacitor and directly leading to damage to the electrical appliance. Therefore, the upper limit of the capacitor temperature will be a very main reason. Generally, the capacitor temperature is too high, that is, the capacitor will be broken down directly by the high voltage. This usually occurs when the electrical current suddenly increases when the electrical appliance is short-circuited. Some components will be damaged, not just capacitors, the second is the use of the above temperature is too high, this type contains too many uncertain factors, the above is the reason why the probability of damage to home appliances in summer is greater than in winter More articles recommended: What factors can cause the failure of CBB capacitors?
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