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Why do electrolytic capacitors have cross grooves? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-25
Some electrolytic capacitors have liquid electrolyte in them, which will generate heat when they work for a long time. As heat accumulates, sometimes the electrolytic capacitor will expand or swell up. If the quality of the electrolytic capacitor is poor, if the voltage exceeds the withstand voltage value of the capacitor, it will cause breakdown, or the polarity of the installation is wrong, and the electrolytic capacitor will easily explode and cause danger. For this reason, the electrolytic capacitor is designed with a safety device and a cross-shaped groove is designed on the top. When the pressure is high, the top cracks to release the pressure and avoid explosion. In addition to the cross groove, some electrolytic capacitors are designed with three-pronged grooves or K-shaped grooves, which have the same purpose to help the electrolytic capacitor release pressure and avoid explosion. As shown in the figure below, when a certain pressure is reached, the K-shaped explosion-proof groove can be arched to avoid explosion. The above is an introduction to the principles of the various groove designs on the top of the electrolytic capacitor. Do you know why after reading it? Safely design electrolytic capacitors to release pressure and avoid explosion accidents.
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