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Why does a capacitor have a high operating frequency when it is small?|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-26
First of all, the capacitor has the function of blocking and fetching. When the positive half cycle of the high-frequency signal arrives, the load is charged to the plate of the capacitor. When the positive half cycle of the electrical signal passes, the positive charge on the original plate is released through the load when the negative half cycle arrives. , The negative half cycle is charged to the other end of the capacitor in the reverse direction, the negative half cycle passes, the positive half cycle arrives, the positive half cycle recharges the capacitor, and the cycle starts again, and current is generated in the circuit. In fact, the current does not pass through the capacitor. This is the AC signal can pass through the capacitor. , The reason why the DC cannot pass. The frequency that flows through the capacitor is related to the size of the capacitor. The smaller the capacitor, the shorter the charging time and the higher the frequency that can pass. The capacitor will charge when it is energized, and it will discharge in the reverse direction when it is fully charged. For the capacitor, its characteristic is high resistance and low resistance. The higher the capacitor, the easier it is to reverse conduction, which will affect the unidirectional conductivity of the diode! Reduce the operating frequency; conversely, the smaller the junction capacitor, the more conducive to one-way conduction, so the operating frequency will increase.
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