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Why does the capacity and withstand voltage of CBB capacitors decrease? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-28
CBB capacitors are widely used in electronic circuits, and after a long period of time, CBB capacitors will fail, and the capacity will be reduced and the withstand voltage will be reduced. These conditions will seriously affect the effect of use. So what causes the failure of the CBB capacitor and the reduction in capacity, and how should we deal with it? Please see the following analysis. There are many factors that cause the capacity of CBB capacitors to decrease. If the capacitor's sealing performance is not enough, water vapor will enter and cause oxidation and reduce the withstand voltage. However, the long-term transient current is too large and the voltage is too high, and the internal discharge self-healing causes the capacity to drop. Long-term high-load work, the evaporation of the metal coating will also cause the capacity to decrease. In order to avoid the above situation, we should purchase well-known brand capacitors, the quality is guaranteed! Normally, we should also use high specifications as much as possible. For example, the safety capacitor X2 is generally labeled 275VAC, but in fact, it can withstand 1KV instantly. Very good. Among the disassembled capacitors, the safety capacitors are very beautiful in both high-voltage testing and physical decomposition. We can connect a reasonable varistor in parallel to prevent the surge voltage from overvoltage. It is said that this method is more effective and has conditions to reduce the instantaneous current. Generally, the resistance is connected in series within the allowable range.
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