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Why does the production process of capacitors delay the delivery date|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-02
Those who have purchased capacitors are more aware that the quality of capacitors is important, but the delivery date of the capacitors is also very important, because the delay in delivery will always delay a lot of production progress. This article will generalize the production process of capacitors and delayed delivery. The reason for the period. 1. The cumbersome production process The capacitor is not a finished device, but a component, so there is no situation that it can be sold after assembly. Instead, it needs to be produced through multiple processes. The process includes the following: 1. Winding 2. Plug hole 3. PQC1 4. Baking 5. Encapsulation 6. Spray tin 7. Tear paper 8. Automatic welding 9. Dipping wax 10. Powder outsourcing 11. Automatic cutting foot paint 12. Baking 13. Printing 14 .Visual inspection 15. Dismantling 16. Selection 17. Bending and cutting 18. Braiding 19. FQC1 20. Packaging 21. FQC2 22. There are 22 production processes for warehousing. If one of the steps is wrong, it may be It has to be scrapped again, so the more powerful capacitor manufacturers will produce, the less delivery will be delayed, but there are special circumstances described below. 2. The peak season of production and the slow delivery time Although capacitor manufacturers have a complete capacitor production process, once they encounter the peak season of production, when a large number of capacitors are purchased, capacitor manufacturers will accumulate a lot of orders, and capacitor manufacturers will generally follow the orders. In some cases, large orders or particularly urgent orders may be encountered. The capacitor manufacturer may make appropriate adjustments. Although the entire capacitor production process takes only more than a week of working hours, it is encountered At that time, it might happen suddenly after a week or two. 3. Difficulty in purchasing capacitor raw materials. This is also a special reason for delays in delivery. For example, the capacitor production process is okay, and there are vacant production lines for you to order production, but when there is a shortage of capacitor raw materials, this It will also directly cause delays in delivery. Each capacitor manufacturer cooperates with capacitor raw material merchants in different areas. It may take two or three days in the express logistics time. If you encounter a lack of capacitor raw materials, you still need to go Look for new raw material suppliers, and then have to go through testing, etc., such a set of capacitor production technology, the delay in delivery will be longer and longer. 4. Irresistible holiday festivals. Generally, capacitor manufacturers will have enough The staff of the country should pay for national holidays. But in order to control the cost factor, they may directly let the production staff take a large number of holidays, because the holidays are three times the salary. If the production is carried out in this case, it may be The manufacturer will lose money, so when there is no problem with the capacitor production process, the production line, and the raw materials, there is still a chance to encounter this situation, which leads to a delay in delivery.
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