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Why hasn't a large number of supercapacitors been put into market use?

by:Shenmao     2021-04-16
Supercapacitors have large capacity and long service life. The average service life is 12 years under normal working conditions. However, the application scope of supercapacitors is not popular in China. The more widely known ones are super electric vehicles, such as buses, and new energy. Such products as automobiles use super capacitors. There are also two major domestic use areas: a solar energy industry and wind power generation systems. In the consumer market, such supercapacitors will be classified as industrial products, because there are few existing production technologies that consumers can directly get the end-use products to experience the innovative technology brought by supercapacitors. Supercapacitors have always been compared with batteries. At the beginning, most people generally support the use of batteries, because lithium batteries can also have the advantage of repeated charging. At present, they can replace batteries in some applications. For example, the start-up of cars, smart watches, solar photovoltaics and other products have begun to replace supercapacitors, and some products that use batteries do not want to replace them. The specific reason is that the use of technology is not in place and has not been broken. The difficulty of technology replacement, it is not impossible to replace lithium batteries used in mobile phones with super capacitors in the future. Supercapacitors are not directly defined as capacitors in strict planning, because the capacitor itself is a kind of power supply with special performance between traditional capacitors and batteries, mainly relying on electric double layer and oxidation. Restore pseudocapacitor charge to store electrical energy, so it is generally impossible to replace supercapacitors with conventional capacitor components. Supercapacitors are components that meet the development of environmentally friendly new energy sources, so they have always been promoted. Yes, let the market put into use and replace the original components. Because of the technical barriers, super capacitors cannot be used in large quantities in the market. It will take time to advance, and more and more products will use super capacitors, and they have completed technological innovations one after another. In the short term, it is unlikely that a large number of them will be put into market use, but in the long term, this is a trend. Environmental protection and new energy are both key development trends in the world in the future.
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