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Why is it not that the larger the filter capacitor, the better the effect? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-27
Many people usually think that the larger the output of the filter capacitor, the better. In fact, the editor of Changyou wants to tell you that this view is not comprehensive. The ESR value of the filter capacitor (ie: filter (Equivalent series resistance or impedance of a capacitor) Each capacitor has a resistance, and this resistance value is related to the material and structure of the capacitor. Before the large-scale application of switching power supply technology, linear power supplies were commonly used, and the power supply circuits all worked in low-frequency DC state, and the AC was converted into DC through the filter rectifier circuit. In the low-frequency DC power supply, the capacity of the capacitor plays a decisive role in the filtering effect, and the effect of the series impedance of the capacitor can be ignored. However, the low-frequency power supply has the disadvantages of low efficiency and large size. Among different types of capacitors, the ESR of electrolytic capacitors is usually larger, followed by tantalum capacitors, and ceramic capacitors are better. Of course, even in electrolytic capacitors, there are also ordinary electrolytic capacitors and low-ESR electrolytic capacitors. Low ESR electrolytic capacitors should be used for output filtering of switching power supplies. In maintenance, if you replace low-ESR electrolytic capacitors with ordinary electrolytic capacitors, the switching power supply may work in a short time, but the life span is certainly not long. If it is not operated properly, the capacitor may burst or even explode due to too much loss, so you should be careful when replacing the capacitor. Electrolytic capacitors with the same capacity and withstand voltage tend to have smaller ESRs if they are larger in size.
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