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Why is the compensation capacitor generally used for star connection instead of corner connection? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-24
According to years of experience, low-voltage 0.4KV power capacitors should all adopt angled wiring. Most of the power capacitors for parallel compensation use delta wiring, and most of the low-voltage parallel capacitors are three-phase, and the inside has been connected into a triangle. When the capacitor adopts the delta connection method, if any capacitor is disconnected, the three-phase circuit will still get reactive power compensation. For high-voltage power capacitors above 6KV, star wiring is suitable. High-voltage capacitors are not suitable for delta wiring. When a single capacitor penetrates through it, the fault current flowing through it is caused by the short-circuit current between the phases of the system, the surge current of the other two phases, and the good capacitance in parallel with the same phase. Current. The synthesized fault current is quite large, and the external spray-out fuse is difficult to open quickly, so the energy injected into the fault capacitor is very large. When the capacity of the outer box of the capacitor (12kJ) is exceeded, it will burst and even leak oil. Fire phenomenon. When using star connection, the same fault, the current flowing through the fault capacitor will be much smaller, only the inrush current of the same-phase parallel capacitor, and the other two have no effect on it. The injected power frequency current of the system is affected by the other two. The peak value of the phase limit is only 3 times the rated current of the capacitor bank. Therefore, the fuse can generally be opened reliably at this time, and the outer case of the capacitor will generally be intact and will not burst and catch fire.
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