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Why is there a small capacitor in parallel with some large capacitors|Focus on medium and high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-27
Those who know capacitors know that capacitors with larger capacity are generally larger in volume. Capacitors on the market are usually made by multilayer winding, which also leads to larger distributed inductance of large-capacity capacitors. In physics, the impedance of inductance to high-frequency signals is very large, so the high-frequency performance of large capacitors is often not good, while some small-capacity capacitors are just the opposite. Because of the small capacity, the volume can be made small, and The structure of plate capacitor is often used, so that it has good high frequency performance. If we want to pass low-frequency and high-frequency signals well, people often use a large capacitor and then a small capacitor. A simple example is to use a 0.1uF ceramic capacitor with a small capacitor. When the frequency is higher, a smaller capacitor can be connected in parallel, such as a few pF or a few hundred pF. In digital circuits, a 0.1uF capacitor is generally connected to the power pin of each chip in parallel to the ground, because the signals in these places are mainly high-frequency signals, and smaller capacitors can be used for filtering.
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