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Why not choose stalls when buying capacitors | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-24
Stall is an adjective popular in Guangdong. It depends on the electronic city in every urban area. It emerged in the mid-1990s. At that time, the domestic production technology level was low, and many raw materials were not available in China. Ordering abroad is very inconvenient. At that time, merchants in Guangdong liked to order large quantities from foreign suppliers at one time, rent a warehouse, and then sell them directly at the stalls, which facilitated the fragmentary purchases of many domestic manufacturers. Capacitors were also sold in this way during this period. In the late 1990s, the level of domestic capacitor production technology gradually developed. Domestic capacitor factories began to set up their own sales points, but it was not convenient for domestic buyers, although domestic capacitor production technology gradually became stable. However, there are a certain number of requirements for purchases. For many small manufacturers, they will not purchase capacitors in such large quantities. They still choose to purchase capacitors in small quantities at stalls. At the same time, because domestic factories producing capacitors have begun to rise, The source of goods has also been transferred from abroad to the domestic capacitor factory. Because the number of capacitors purchased by the stall is huge each time, the capacitor factory is still willing to cooperate with the stall. In recent years, with the domestic economic downturn, many capacitor factories have changed their business philosophy, instead of blindly requesting large quantities of orders to deliver to customers, but as long as the price is right and profitable, they will take orders. It also brings a crisis to the stall, because if you can find the stall and find the factory, you will choose factory production. At least it is much better than the stall in terms of after-sales protection, and because most of the stalls that operate capacitors are Choosing to close the door and exit the market, indirectly closed the Electronic City, because no one rents the shops in the Electronic City anymore. After this series of events, there were also many bosses who operated capacitor stalls, and they were reluctant to let go and began to purchase capacitors that chose to close other stalls. Then we carry out a refurbishment process and sell it at a low price. The price will be lower than the price of the capacitor factory. Often customers and Shenmao Capacitor Factory’s reaction capacitors are more expensive than the stall capacitors. This is the core reason. , It’s not that the stalls are cheap, but most of the stalls sold are capacitors that are recycled from other stalls, repackaged and sold with a new production date. Here, Shenmao Capacitors advise everyone to choose the supply of capacitors. Don’t choose capacitor stalls without any after-sale guarantees anymore.
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