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Why now manufacturers preferred film capacitor?

by:Shenmao     2020-10-13
Early dc support film capacitor are using electrolytic capacitor, with the development of plastic film technology, especially the basal membrane technology development and metallization using integral technology, not only makes the volume of a thin film capacitor in the do at the same time, the smaller the pressure level remains at the level of the products, now more and more companies using high temperature of polypropylene film capacitor as dc capacitor. And why the more manufacturers now turned to choose film capacitor? 1, frequency characteristics, stability, good frequency characteristic products, at present most of the controller switch frequency in about 10 KHZ, which requires the products of high frequency performance is good, for polyester film capacitors and electrolytic capacitor, this requirement is a difficult problem. 2, film capacitors can withstand the reverse voltage: film capacitor electrode is nanoscale metal deposition on the membrane, the product has no polarity, so is very convenient for users, do not need to consider the question is negative; But for electrolytic capacitor, if more than 1. Un 5 times the reverse voltage is added on the electrolytic capacitor, internal chemical reaction will cause capacitance. If this voltage continues long enough, explode capacitance, or the release of pressure inside the capacitor electrolyte will flow out. 3, rated voltage is high, don't need a resistance in series and balance in order to improve the output power, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles of busbar voltage has a tendency to improve. Now in the market for motor typical values provided by the battery voltage 280 v, 330 v and 480 v, matching of different companies is not a capacitance Sample, but generally is can choose such as 450 v, 600 v, 800 v, capacity from 0. 32 mf to 2 mf. 4, strong ability to resist surge current moment to bear a large current, the wave of cutting technology and capacitance coated thicken edge technology, can improve products surge current temperature and mechanical shocks. 5, the product has good security, overpressure resistant capability is strong because the film capacitor has self-healing phenomenon, and the design of thin film capacitor is in accordance with the standards of 1 ec61071, electric capacitive reactance surge voltage capacity greater than 1. Five of the rated voltage, and capacitance using membrane technology, won't produce the phenomenon of short circuit breakdown capacitance theory, which greatly improved the security of this kind of capacitor, the typical failure mode is open. In the applications of specific capacitance of peak voltage resistance and capacitance of the important index. In fact, for the electrolytic capacitor, allowed under the wave surge voltage is 1. 2 times, this kind of situation forced consumers to consider peak voltage rather than the nominal voltage. You must choose to have actual strength, reputation, quality of metalized film capacitor manufacturers. Shenzhen ShenMao band is a company specializing in the production of capacitor manufacturers, the main brand for & other; ShenMao & throughout; The spot inventory, quality is worth the letter lai.
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