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Why the quality of spot capacitor supply is not good | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-20
Spot capacitors can also be understood as inventory or waiting materials. Generally, capacitor factories will not control the quantity particularly strictly when producing capacitors, because the raw materials used in the production of capacitors cannot be arranged only for the number of capacitors that need to be produced. Conventionally, it is necessary to produce more capacitors according to the amount of each batch produced. This will result in the production of extra capacitors. If the customers can accept the extra capacitors, then the extra capacitors can be supplied together. If The customer doesn't need it, then there will be extra capacitance in this case. And the number of extra capacitors is not too large, maybe dozens or hundreds, there are thousands of extra capacitors, but not many, so capacitor manufacturers see extra capacitors and put them in the warehouse. The old one has an impact on the life of the capacitor. Instead of placing it in the warehouse and other orders, it is better to supply it directly in the online mall or directly sell it to an agent (generally such agents are the counters of the electronic city). In most cases Capacitor factories have more familiar agents, and they will sell the extra capacitors to the agents for a second time. Agents get these capacitors, the ones with more quantity and better quality will be sold in the online store, followed by the electronic city counter. If the quality is not good enough, they may be refurbished and charged, or quenched. Metal smelting and refurbishment will be more common, because the recharged capacitors will not make any difference to users. Generally, capacitor failures will not occur until a few months or a year. If the capacitors are kept in inventory If the conditions are not good, there is no possibility that it will directly fail. Then when users buy these bulk materials, the capacitor will not respond as soon as they are used, and they think the quality of the spot capacitor supplier is not good, which indirectly affects the capacitor brand. I have a bad impression, so if you buy common spot capacitors online, there is actually a good chance of buying similar capacitors that have been in stock for a long time and have been refurbished. It is recommended that you need spot capacitors, or contact the capacitor manufacturer.
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